Selasa, 07 April 2009



1. Circle : Describe the unity
2. Rice plant : Describe the Indonesia subsistence
3. The yellow gold color : Describe the purity
4. The red lotus flower : Describe the holiness, and also use by Asian country as a base
5. The waves : Describe the water or the soul excitement that always move and dynamic
6. The green root : Describe the young, full of hope and willingness
7. The blue background : Describe the air, sea, and mountain as a nature. PSSI born, live and die in Indonesia realm of nature, have to become one with the father land and have loyal to the native soil
8. The ball : The ball on PSSI symbol means the football organization itself
9. The Football Association of Indonesia word is a special translate from Persatuan Sepakbola Seluruh Indonesia in a universal language

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  1. Arti simbol PSSI meaningful bgt y...sayang aj org2 yg ada di dlmnya etos kerjanya skr g sesuai sama arti2 yg ada di lambangnya. Uda waktunya kita buat revolusi di badan PSSI supaya arti lambangnya bener2 bisa jadi kenyataan...